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We all tend to go forward in our lives but never really plan. Plan to save, plan for tax, plan for the ups and downs that may occur. We think about it, we hear about it but we very often leave things to continue as they are.

A John Lombardo Taxation and Accounting Services, we can provide benefits to service a client in a number of areas from Taxation through to Finance and Financial Planning.  

John Lombardo Taxation and Accounting Services has been operating since 2004. Providing excellent service to our customers is key to our business proposition.

John Lombardo's qualifications range from accounting to finance and financial planning. John is a Registered Tax Agent and Chartered Accountant and has Degrees in Accounting and Computing and Diplomas in Mortgage Broking and Financial Planning.

At John Lombardo Taxation and Accounting Services, we Guarantee that we will do everthing we can to get you the Biggest Tax Return, legally.




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