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Finance: Choosing Right

Financial deregulation has paved way for a diverse home loan market offering significant benefits to the Australian home buyer.  Housing finance has never been easier, with a selection of products designed to meet with consumer needs, delivered (literally) to people’s doorsteps.

Over the years, mortgage consultants (brokers) have played a key role in educating the home owner helping them choose a loan which is right for them.  Mortgage consultants are trained to understand products offered by more than one lender, which means consumers have the option in choosing between different lenders based on their needs and preferences.

Consumers find cash flow and debt consolidation one of their biggest challenges with mounting credit card bills and personal loans as the main culprits for restricting cash flow at the end of each month.  Aim to eliminate credit that has the highest interest rate attached or non tax deductible first. 

With the assistance of a mortgage consultant, consumers should be able to seek to understand their financial position and what costs are involved when entering and exiting financial contracts.


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